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  • Our Strategy

    - Understand your Vision

    Every customer implementation is different. Hence, we put in the effort to understand your vision and the outcomes desired and then plan the steps and ensure the ownership by defining the roles and responsibilities.

    - Bring the Experts

    The biggest success factor isn't the technology but the people. Expertise, trust and commitment are the keys to a successful implementation. We have a highly-trained team of experts who understand each step of a successful implementation.

    - Deploy a Framework

    Our Implementation Methodology is designed on the basis of practical experience. We deploy highly formalized project management frameworks, templates, methodologies and tools to ensure speedy and efficient implementation. A key differentiator is our best practice recommendations for the parameterisation of the system including detailed guides which explain each of the relevant project stages.

    Our Track Record

    We pride ourselves on our implementation track record over the last 15 years. Our clients believe we deliver the outcomes and because of our end-to-end consulting, implementation and training approach our clients gain the benefits immediately after the go-live stage.


  • Our Approach

    We have gained knowledge from our 15 years + of experience in the Financial Services sector, allowing us to offer consultancy services that bring unparalleled value to our clients. We employ a thorough methodology to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of your strategy, workflow and staff. We recognize that projects are time critical and hence we work together with you to help optimise your outcomes, performance and timelines.

    Our People

    Our consultants have deep expertise that has been accumulated over many years of having delivered successful implementations. Equally, they are experts at focusing on your unique needs and assessing the best solutions that support the growth of your business.


  • Our Mission

    Implementation without the right training cannot be successful. We make sure your staff are fully trained before the "go-live" date. This ensures that you start seeing the advantages of your new Neptune product from day one.

    Our Training Programmes

    We offer flexible methods of learning depending on your requirements, such as onsite training program, offshore training programmes and train-the-trainer programmes. Every participant will receive hands-on experience on how to use Neptune's products. We also design custom training courses, which incorporate your organisation's unique processes and requirements. The instructor will teach users and administrators in a live classroom setting using customized course materials. Custom courses can include hands-on exercises and Q&A.


  • Our speciality is getting two or databases talking to each other with ease. Our deep understanding of web service technology makes it easier for us to plug and play our system to any other system. We integrate to databases like SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase, Informix, and MySQL.